Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chicken Yakisoba

I'm putting it mildly, but it's been a while! I could go on and tell you all about my hiatus; however, I'd rather not bore you with my mundane life. I truly don't think it's mundane, especially when I'm in the middle of our crazy, busy family life. But who doesn't have a busy life these days?!  Where was I? {focus, Vera} oh yeah... Speaking if busy lives, I found a perfect recipe for a quick meal the whole family will love. It's called Chicken Yakisoba. When I mentioned what I was making for dinner, my kids were intrigued. They love Asian food, and the mention of ramen noodles put them over the top. After I made it, I thought of a few ways to streamline this meal.
1.  Use precut chicken strips (I prefer frozen). 
2.  Use frozen stir fry veggies. It will save you time so you can play on the trampoline with your littles. 
3.  Top the dish with chow mein noodles (hub's suggestion). I love those noodles! I could eat the whole bag! 

Mods: I used frozen, diced ginger. I also used frozen chicken breast.
The Verdict: Yummy! All three kids, plus hubby loved it ;)