Monday, September 24, 2012

Chocolate Banana Bread Brownies

Sounds divine, doesn't it?  That's because they are!  I had some ripe bananas that were dying to be made into banana nut bread.  I was going to use my go-to recipe; however, I ran into this delish recipe on Six Sisters' Stuff and had to try it.  If you haven't been to this website yet, you should check them out.  These gorgeous ladies are amazing and inspiring. Back to the chocolate banana goodness... The recipe was easy to follow, and luckily I had all ingredients on hand.  (If I didn't have everything, I would've made a quick run to the store.)  The aroma coming from the kitchen drew everyone in.  Now, we do eat dinner together as a family nearly every evening; however, mornings are crazy around our house.  I try to have at least one breakfast together on the weekends.  Family gathering at breakfast... mission accomplished. I think the bananas are much happier as chocolate banana bread brownies rather than banana nut bread ;)

Coffee, chocolate banana bread brownies... bliss!
Mods: None, this recipe is perfect the way it is.
Verdict: Yummers!  Will make again soon ;)
Recipe: Chocolate Banana Bread Brownies

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